Quality Assurance Strategies For Testing Healthcare Applications

Afterward, the QA engineer checks the entire healthcare app from a technical perspective, thereby providing an entire experienced and expert review. While health-care device software is not the direct concern of patient, they also require a rigorous testing like other software testing. For example, X-ray machines that are controlled by software programs should be tested well because any testing error in software can lead to a serious effect on the patient. As a SaaS solution, Perfecto Scriptless was also ideal for supporting the company’s agile and DevOps processes. Using Perfecto Scriptless, each team could also run cross-browser test executions in parallel to adapt to the frequent release cycles.

With consistent execution, best in class tools, and process-oriented approach, we deliver a predictable quality level that increases overall operational effectiveness and efficiency. Our end-to-end testing service guarantees high-quality communication along with maintaining standards and regulations. Testing interoperability and performance across devices, OS, at any layer from UI to API to the database. Application errors and gaps can be costly—or downright dangerous—to patient safety, clinician satisfaction, and financial performance. Keeping up with the demand for rigorous testing is critical but challenging, especially for in-house teams that primarily use manual testing within their complex HIT environments.

Turning Business Testers Into Automation Experts

It is necessary for the testers to learn the functions of different devices and applications. As usability is vital for all the applications in hospitals, the applications will be easier to use for the patients, doctors, and others. Upon receipt of any bug information from the QA team, developers start fixing these problems.

This Director of QA oversees dozens of web applications, directed at different end-users operating in a wide range of work environments. To test and monitor these apps, he manages a QA team of a few dozen employees spread over 3 different countries, split between offshore and in-house, US-based teams. Many healthcare companies such as International SOS, Sanofi, and CSS Health use Perfecto Scriptless as their test automation platform to meet these business needs, all without restructuring their existing teams. The digital transformation of the healthcare industry created a major increase in demand for test automation to keep up with shorter release cycles. Learn how ZenQ helped healthcare provider enhance the performance of a critical EHR application & expand its revenue opportunities.

healthcare application testing

A healthcare application is a rather specific product that requires a particular approach to testing. To achieve great results in healthcare app testing, it is essential to have great experience in quality insurance and rich domain expertise. If you are one of those who make just the first steps in this direction, our article can come in handy and provide you with useful tips and tricks. Over the last ten years, we’ve been serving healthcare software clients, working on their healthcare domain projects for testing, and have gained the expertise to provide comprehensive healthcare software testing.

Benefits Of Software Testing In Healthcare

Our partnerships with SAP, Oracle and other major ERP brands give us unique options and assure a unified end-to-end experience across your healthcare organization. We integrate performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline to detect bottlenecks early in the SDLC. Your systems will operate at peak performance even when a health crisis spikes sudden high demand. Increase customer satisfaction by offering a flawless user experience through our best practices and expert QA as we help you maximize your app’s potential.

healthcare application testing

It is pretty obvious that we cannot test any software properly without functional testing. Moreover, there is no sense to embark on other types of testing if functional testing has not been conducted. It is important to generate a report after each testing iteration to provide information on all performed testing activities and test outcomes. Testing reports help to understand whether the healthcare app is ready to be delivered to the market. Digital TransformationHealthcareMedical Devices Advances in digital technology are driving changes in dialysis treatments for kidney failure disease.

Whatever industry you’re in, we have the expertise and experience to tailor the right testing solution for you, based on your specific needs and requirements. System TestingThe feeds are validated by downstream systems such as the financial system, broker portal, and member system. 4System Integration TestingValidate the feed to the member system, the finance system, the claim system, and the provider portal. Also Verify that the modifications made in the provider portal are reflected in the corresponding provider’s record.

See how a leading healthcare and life sciences solutions provider achieved regulatory compliant platform upgrades with QA testing. Our comprehensive usability, UX and UI testing solutions, including our 24/7 managed crowd testing services, will send bugs big and small scurrying from system design and user interface. System IntegrationA scenario should be included to validate the feed to downstream systems such as provider and finance portals. Your total testing cost will be less if you spend less time on manual adjustments and verification. Testing automation makes it possible to apply fixes sooner and deliver your product sooner to market as well as perform tests faster and earlier within the development cycle. Thanks to the automated testing that can be done, your outsourced QA team can instead focus on working on the parts of the application that still require interaction, exploration, and strategy.

Saving Lives With Healthcare Software

The integration of different technologies and platforms requires all sorts of APIs to bridge this gap. App design and architecture flaws can cause real harm when it comes to healthcare solutions. Even if it is only because of the lack of intuitiveness in navigation, no one wants to make the user of a medical app suffer even more. Moreover, healthcare solutions are ones that have the highest probability of being used by people with various kinds of disabilities. Usability testing should be conducted to assess the aforementioned qualities of the product. During 2019, one-fifth of US healthcare organizations experienced cyberattacks, and in 2020, the rate of attacks on healthcare facilities is predicted to grow further.

Healthcare software testing can be automated to test the application across various platforms and browsers so that any platform- or OS-specific bugs are detected. Nowadays, the health department users or quality assurance specialists necessarily test every healthcare app. Quality assurance has become a leading step in making the healthcare app workable https://globalcloudteam.com/ in the medical industry. It is done mainly to ensure a positive experience for every healthcare receiving user. Surely, healthcare entered a new era of technology, but one thing that remained constant is the devastating repercussions of manual mistakes. To avoid this, healthcare applications should be thoroughly tested with test automation.

healthcare application testing

LabVIEW is a system-design platform for data collection, test automation, instrument control, and embedded device design. Where a functional and intuitive GUI or hardware interaction is needed, LabVIEW is used. Robotic tools for testing hardware systems and remote testing of device-based software applications can be built with LabVIEW.

Robotic Process Automation Test complicated healthcare software and medical applications with ease. Products Performance and load testing Run performance tests simulating real users executing business processes from key locations. Software testing is extremely important when it comes to medical Healthcare Application Development and health-related apps. Bugs in healthcare solutions can cause serious consequences, penalties included. Every app requires interoperability to be part of the bigger healthcare technology system. It may consist of various devices, such as smartphones, smart wearables, fitness equipment, etc.

Any Platform

Trust us to help you make every health care transaction safer, easier and more user-friendly. We help our customers accelerate their digital transformation through DevOps and DevSecOps. HIPAA − It is a system of rules and regulations that must be followed by doctors, hospitals, healthcare providers, and health plans in order to perform their services. App performance is a leading factor influencing overall customer satisfaction.

  • After conducting a proof-of-concept for a few alternative solutions, this healthcare company decided that Perfecto Scriptless was the test automation tool that best fit their needs.
  • For many, it would be more convenient to get regular check-ups online, so telemedicine apps should be super performant and feature-rich.
  • The integration of different technologies and platforms requires all sorts of APIs to bridge this gap.
  • As a result, they demand transparency, convenience, and personalized products and services.

This whitepaper titled “Quality Assurance Strategies for Testing Healthcare Applications” focuses on various types of testing methods that can be applied to healthcare applications. The healthcare business model is undergoing a significant shift towards a patient-centric and preventive healthcare system with a focus on improving the quality of the care. In addition to this, the industry faces numerous challenges of regulatory compliance, rising operational costs, data explosion and unprecedented reforms to emphasize on wellness management and preventive care. At ZenQ, we provide comprehensive Healthcare Testing solutions with greater IT integration, by leveraging our extensive technology and exceptional domain expertise.

Most health-care organization have adapted software program to process the smooth functioning of the system. Usability is also important for the software testers as it may affect the reaction of the users who may be using the software. The resources for medical purposes will be available in an instant and there will be more accessibility for medicine in hospitals. Perform thousands of calls to your APIs the same way your end users and conduct dynamic API testing on virtually any type of system or infrastructure. Determine the limits of your web applications by defining crucial metrics and threshold levels.

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In seven European countries in 2017, there was conducted a giant poll concerning the functionality, reliability, and trustworthiness of the healthcare app. It revealed that a major barrier to the bigger update of healthcare apps was its unclear user interface and complexity. In this step, the QA engineer ensures checking the efficacy of app functionality and looking it up for the possible bug.

Citrix Application Monitoring

Digitization is one of the breakthroughs witnessed by the healthcare industry. Healthcare software testing enables you to answer all these questions and implement better digitization. By 2018, industry specialists expect 1.7 billion versatile consumers to utilize health care applications through mobile internet. These consumers generally include nurses, doctors, patients, pharmacists, and health care professional. With a world-class test lab in place, Kualitatem ensures that every healthcare app is optimized for key mobile devices across multiple operating platforms such as iOS, Android, and windows phone. A QA team must make sure that the personal data of patients is securely protected, and cybercriminals do not have any chance to access and steal sensitive data.

Performance At Scale

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Our strong automation testing framework is to find out early defects as well as automatic generated test report sent to mail in regular basis. SureTest is eliminating tens of thousands of tedious testing hours for individual health systems right now. You don’t have to take our word for it – they will gladly tell you how it has transformed their bottom line.

I’ve attempted to implement Test Automation several times with minimal success, due to the tools’ inability to work well with EHRs and the ongoing maintenance of test scripts. They had been extremely resource intensive over the long haul, until SureTest. If the SureTest solution was available when I was a CIO, I would have implemented it immediately, prior to our first go-live or upgrade event. Too often, the resulting tension leads to rushed processes that leave you vulnerable to the kind of errors no one ever wants to see happen.

Accuracy and security of information combined with ever-stringent HIPAA requirements. This is especially complex when information flows between different systems and is aggregated at different levels. As soon as requirements have been studied and the test plan has been developed and confirmed, it is high time to proceed to the test case design. Health industry is undergoing major change and facing stiff competition when it comes to offering services. Patients always have options in front of them and only way to keep up is to understand what they need and present it in a form that can ease their distress. We’ve developed modern, Offshore and Nearshore facilities with the latest testing labs and technology to meet your needs, fully aligned with US-based and localized leadership.

User Authorization – Authorizing access to information is based on user role and patient limitations. AVD performance testing Test any application running on Windows Virtual Desktop using REAL workflows. Monitoring application performance Proactively monitor performance of applications from the end-user perspective. FujiFilm Software leveraged Eggplant automation to make testing embedded medical diagnostic systems fast, easy, non-invasive and secure.

A healthcare app must not only provide valuable features but be rather simple and intuitive. An app with excellent usability characteristics helps save a ton of time as there is no need to learn the way it works. Compatibility testing checks whether your healthcare application runs properly on different devices, OS, browsers, network environments, and with different third-party applications. As we have already mentioned compatibility is one of the most prominent characteristics of a good application.

Here are the healthcare software testing best practices to ensure the top-quality performance of your healthcare application. It has a lot of specific requirements to ensure its compliance with user-friendliness, seamless integration, strict regulations, and the ability to provide data security and privacy. Healthcare applications need to fulfil the requirements of providers , healthcare recipients , intermediaries , regulatory authorities , and solution providers . And all of this can only be achieved if you have the right test plan strategy. The healthcare software testing plan must verify that the requirements pass the vulnerability assessment, penetration and performance testing, user experience testing, conformance testing, and localization testing. We follow a step-by-step approach in providing healthcare testing services.

Selenium runs on Windows, Linux and macOS, supports automation across major browsers in popular programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, Perl, and Ruby. Before SureTest, our testing process was very stressful, and morale was low. By eliminating the vast majority — 80% — of our manual testing, our teams can focus on other priorities. That makes them feel more valuable, and makes their work even more meaningful for our organization. I’m excited to work alongside the SureTest team, and to strengthen SIH’s commitment to innovation. Through our Epic Test Automation partnership with SureTest, Novant Health reduced the time needed to thoroughly test our EHR application upgrades and future rollouts while minimizing disruption of clinical staff.

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