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The history of cell phones in the classroom is therefore one in which cell phones transitioned from being devices that educators feared to tools that educators embraced. Cell phones became not only increasingly ubiquitous but increasingly powerful, making them capable of replacing devices like laptops and computers. It should be no surprise then that school administrators and educators shifted toward embracing these devices as classroom tools. Unfortunately for these cautious administrators, cell phones became increasingly popular by the late 1990s and, by 2002, there were calls for lawmakers and administrators to reconsider bans of cell phones in the school. The National School Safety and Security Services noted that many schools were starting to allow cell phones among their students, and by the mid-2000s, the role of cell phones in the school were being rethought. Policies changed to allow cell phones on campus so long as they were turned off during the day.

The proposed methodology was conducted during the first semester of the 2013–14 academic year and introduced the use of a mobile application in the study of musculoskeletal assessment competencies. Participants were recruited through public announcement at the university. All of the volunteers were enrolled in the study unless they reported previous knowledge/training in musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging in a pre-enrolment questionnaire.

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

In this presentation, we will demonstrate an extension to App Inventor that allows multiple users to simultaneously edit shared projects in both the designer and blocks editors. Actions are synchronized between workspaces in near realtime, allowing for a “Google Docs”-like experience for group work on App Inventor projects. User awareness is enhanced through colored highlights to indicate the presence and focus of other users in the shared workspace.

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The teachers simultaneously displayed the answers using a projector. The use of an automated response system was therefore important to generating increased participation from the class as well as important to increasing teacher awareness about how well students were learning. As can be seen by this brief review, there are multiple apps available to instructors that can help enhance classroom lessons. Students benefit because they are able to go hands-on with their materials even when they’re outside the classroom. The lessons found in Duolingo and Instructable can be put to use when they’re away from home. Evernote, meanwhile, allows for lessons to be distributed without time consuming handouts, which is beneficial to both students and teachers.

New experiences need to be carried out in different student populations (e.g., students from other faculties, other knowledge areas or countries). It would be interesting to develop video recordings for the ultrasound assessment, in a similar manner Educational Mobile Application Development as for palpation, to facilitate the learning process of this part of the study. Finally, because the experience was carried out in an education course, it is possible that the students were more motivated to explore new learning strategies.

The European research project “Next-Generation Mobile Learning” based on vocational training aims to promote work-based learning and solve practical problems. The mobile learning courses of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, are suitable for elementary and secondary education. The research content is to improve the effectiveness of classroom communication between teachers and students and the influence of external learning, which shows that foreign research on mobile learning is based on experience and application-based research . Mobile applications used as learning and teaching tools are not uncommon in Higher Education . However, what makes an educational mobile app effective is a subject of ongoing interest to academics, lecturers, learning designers and other stakeholders invested in education (Hirsh-Pasek et al., 2015).

You can upload videos, documents, images, and other required documents that are important for your graduate education. Through Google Drive, you can access your files anytime anywhere. Sunrise is a must-have app for students to stay organized and stick to the daily routine. The app comes with a minimalistic design and stands out from rest of the calendar apps. It can also be integrated into third-party apps, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

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However, the study recognized an essential correlation between respondents’ motivation and awareness of technology with their readiness for pedagogical use of mobile phones. It can be inferred from their study that mobile technology is considered essential for future education, albeit the slow uptake in teacher adaptation to this mobile technology in schools. While it is generally accepted that technology should be an integral part of the learning process in Oman higher education sectors today, there is evidence that technologies still remain peripheral to the main work conducted in many Oman institutions. The Oman Higher Education Curriculum in its current form emphasizes inherent capabilities required for learning in the 21st century. This has meant a number of higher education sectors in Oman have adopted the technological route, primarily in terms of improving networking and mobile devices. Earlier research into this area has indicated that there is an underutilization of technology in the field of higher education in Oman.

The application will also provide online fee ledgers, payments, and receipts information to parents to enhance efficiency in the clearance of fees and other payments by parents to the school . Parents have aired out their frustrations on the current system to the school administration, which has then analyzed and presented them to our technical team. Our technical team already has a representative from the school management who has since discussed the challenges that the school faces with our team. My position in this project as a system analyst was to collaborate with other technology professionals like programmers, database administrators, and network administrators to ensure the project was fully implemented.

With the introduction of “Internet + education,” this thinking about the Internet has caused great changes in traditional education. Education pays more attention to students’ problem-solving abilities and cultivating their own learning abilities. Teachers are no longer just sources of knowledge, and students are no longer just recipients of knowledge. A diversified mobile learning model is built, and the convenience of the smartphone platform is made use of.

Best practice is derived from historically classic theories of teaching and is supported by present day research. In the subject area of mathematics, supplementary games can incorporate these fundamental teaching practices, while also promoting higher level thinking. I conducted a study to investigate the correlation between supplemental mathematical games used in mathematics instruction and student achievement, motivation, and engagement. With the third grade teacher, I implemented a unit introducing the concept of multiplication without the support or use of supplemental mathematical games. Then, I implemented another unit introducing the concept of division infused with supplementary mathematical games to address both skill and content standards. In addition to the academic assessment, the students were given a survey regarding motivation and engagement.

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The app’s customisation capability meant it could be tailored to suit any discipline-specific content, curriculum or a mode of teaching. Grounded in the pedagogy of spaced education (Kelley & Whatson, 2013), the app’s primary purpose was to systemically test students on what they learnt in the low-stakes environment, hence consolidating their knowledge of the content. After its initial trial with a first-year accounting unit, the app was then also introduced into several first-year science units.

  • Other than SoundNote, other good quality lecture capture apps includeNotes Plus andAudio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder.
  • They also worry about the quality of the internet available to them.
  • While it is generally accepted that technology should be an integral part of the learning process in Oman higher education sectors today, there is evidence that technologies still remain peripheral to the main work conducted in many Oman institutions.
  • Enabled by smartphones and similar devices, mobile app technology is well suited to facilitate student engagement with such ‘chunk-sized’ knowledge, leading to better comprehension of lecture material (Lah, Saat, & Hassan, 2014).
  • The course includes an introduction to the use and interpretation of SPSS.

This project aims to implement a web-based education data management system with a user-friendly design and easy-to-use approach. Since the system is web-based, users like parents, teachers, and students can access the relevant data from any location using technological devices such as computers or smartphones . Furthermore, the web-based system for management and android applications enables students to check their school notices and even reply.

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Through the data collected from the preand post-workshop surveys as well as a mid-workshop brainstorming session, I was able to explore how students’ perceptions, understanding, literacy, and visions of conversational AI agents changed. During the workshop, students were able to create their own conversational AI agents. Based on these results, I am optimistic about Convo’s ability to teach and empower students to develop conversational AI agents in an intuitive way. The results of the students’ attitudes and perceptions on the effectiveness of mobile learning revealed that they generally positively reacted.

Students must use their UTRGV ID account for authentication to log onto app, customization features and to access functions like Blackboard and myUTRGV. In particular, given the contrast of hypotheses, most of them were accepted ; see Table 5 and Figure 2. As for gender , it did not have any influence on the development of good practice despite what was highlighted in previous studies , , .

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

There are a number of web-based that can be used for school management. This paper focused on coming up with one that will counter the challenges that are being experienced. Database Oasis will aid KS Secondary School as it has improvements regarding data information communication and easy monitoring of the school by parents, teachers, and other school stakeholders. The development of this web-based school management will benefit the students as they will be able to get the correct data within a short period and in the format that they require it. This will also be the same case in teachers and the involved stakeholder in the school that may need any data.

Taking advantage of native APIs and OS-specific programming languages can help you build a powerful app. Most enterprise apps, especially ones that require substantial API traffic, benefit from native development. It can be clearly seen that using English learning Apps in English listening and speaking course is a challenge.

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Essentially, the system can be described as a platform operating on a Local Area Network. This paper aims to trace the development of an information management system for KS Secondary School. Lao, Developing cloud and shared data capabilities to support primary school students in creating mobile applications that affect their communities, M.Eng thesis, Elect. Furthermore, the responses to the post-program survey were better in the m-learning group than in the control group, as expected. This result agrees with previous works that used an e-learning strategy for improving palpation and ultrasound skills . In general, the assessment was very positive, which is similar to another study that used an m-learning proposal to improve manual therapy skills .

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This is the step where the infrastructure is created on the premises and all the anticipated functionalities. The technical team will assemble the missing hardware and software, and it will connect the system to the database where the clients will be getting resources . Furthermore, web-based systems, unlike other conventional systems, are reliable, cheap, timeliness, protected, and flexible software . NETFLIX Technologies, a company that deals with the installation and offering of both Local Area Network and Wide Area Network services, has offered to start with our schools in its corporate philanthropic responsibilities.

However, as with all tools, teachers need to plan ahead to ensure these devices are used appropriately within the classroom. Another example of using mobile phones to enhance learning was found in lessons developed by a group of Sri Lankan science educators. The researching duo Ekanayake and Wishart published a study about how these teachers were enhancing their lessons using cell phones. These teachers used the media features of cell phones to make science lessons that much more interactive, to help engage students more heavily with their lessons, and to help students learn in an inquiry-based style.

A Study On Mobile Learning And Its Impact On Academic Achievement Among Higher Secondary Commerce Students

From an educator’s standpoint, literature is an important tool for both teaching and learning. It the personal interest of wanting to be an elementary school teacher that has brought this project to life. As an educator, it is your responsibility to teach children how to form, create, and express new ideas. Without the ability to communicate, learning would come to a screeching halt. The purpose of this project was to determine the most effective ways to use a teacher’s greatest resource, books.

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As a result, you get a clean piece of content that’s understandable and easy to digest. But it’s not a bad idea to make sure that there’s none in your thesis. This is a go-to source of expert knowledge on a wide variety of disciplines. Instead of just giving a list of documents or web pages that may or may not answer your question, it comes up with results from a curated knowledge base in response to your query. To avoid poorly supported arguments, and to be able to conduct outstanding research, consider using one of the following tools. They all offer the same thing – a way to keep all your notes in one place.

Indeed, it is often observed that younger generations are unable to talk aboutthe Internetas a discrete entity. Instead, online practices have been part of young people’s lives since birth and, much like oxygen, water, or electricity, are assumed to be a basic condition of modern life. As Donald Tapscott put it, “to them, technology is like the air.” Thus, in many ways, talking aboutthe Internetand education simply means talking about contemporaryeducation. The Internet is already an integral element of education in developed nations, and we can be certain that its worldwide educational significance will continue to increase throughout this decade. If you’re an iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Mac user, a simple reminder app is already integrated into your devices. Apple Reminders is already an efficient task management app if you don’t want to install and configure to-do list apps in the first place.

It would be interesting to develop similar experiences in a different setting, where the motivations and backgrounds of students were entirely independent. Despite these limitations, the present work lays the groundwork for future studies in similar areas of health sciences to develop mobile applications that are useful in supporting the learning process. AbstractA significant portion of scholarly literature explores the ways that youth activists (aged years old) appropriate mobile apps—compact software designed and developed to run on a smartphone or tablet—to address social issues. However, there is a paucity of research literature that reveals the ways that they engage in the production of socially useful mobile apps. The project collects qualitative data from semi-structured interviews and design artifacts. The data is analyzed using the Situationist International’s concept of psychogeography, which ordinarily focuses on place-based investigations.

In addition, most mobile devices incorporate certain features that support instruction. For example, texting can support numerous applications that can be used for classroom instruction and interaction between staff and students, including student performance assessment . Comparisons were conducted between two groups of students, the control group who sat for their examinations in the conventional way and the other group who used mobile devices, yet the examination results for the two groups were the same. Moreover, text messaging can be utilized as a tool for inquiry and a teacher’s mode of delivering instructions. First, the experience was carried out in a single faculty in one university, so the results could not be extrapolated to other populations, in different grades or with different languages.

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